Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yippee!!! No more trick or treating for me!! Yes, my girls have officially declared themselves too old to go trick or treating. My feet are very happy this year. I will treasure all of those years of walking up and down streets with my precious little ones for sure.....but I am glad those days are over. Last year it rained on Halloween. That was a real damper but we still went trick or treating. Ember dressed up as Susan from the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. (pictured on the right.....and yes I made that costume.) Caroline dressed up as a goth girl which for the life of me, I can't find the picture. I will look. She made her costume and it was quite creative (all black). In the meantime, you can enjoy a picture of my cutie pies from about four years ago; my pumpkin head and sassy feline (also pictured right).

Caroline suggested to me the other day that we have a Halloween party this year. This is her idea: Go to the store and buy lots of candy and fill our own treat bags. Then, we can make Halloween cookies and Mexican pizza (her favorite).....drink lots of soda and rent a bunch of scary movies. That sounds like pure bliss to me. So....that is what we are doing this year. I don't even have to make costumes this year!!

Now it is your turn! What are you doing this Halloween....and (yes, two questions) what are your little ones dressing up as this year? It seems quite appropriate to be giving away the set of Halloween treat bags pictured above for this months's drawing, to be held on Halloween night. We will be home to do this after all!!!


  1. Ever since we have moved, which has been almost 5 years now :) We do the same thing every halloween. We have a nursery near by that always hosts a fun halloween thing for the kids, they have a candy hay bail scavenger hunt, games, coloring contests, costume contests, food, etc...
    We of course carve pumpkins!!
    And then we always make a big dinner, we habe an open invitation to friends & family & don't always know who is going to come, sometimes we make chili, last year we got the pumpkin shaped pizzas from papa murphys!
    And then we walk down to the town center by our house, where all the stores hand out candy & they have bouncy houses & such set up. Then we walk back up & do a few houses in our neighborhood.
    It almost always rains here :(
    Lets see...
    my kiddos youngest to oldest are dressing up as...
    a ladybug, not 100% sure on my son yet, hannh montana, & then my oldest is going to be a gypsy & I am making that costume :)
    Happy October!!

  2. You know, I just realized that the drawing is going to be held on Halloween and what good are Halloween treat bags if Halloween is already over? about if I make the prize, your choice of snack bags? YOU PICK!!!! WOO HOO!!!

  3. hi kristin, in the uk halloween isn't so big except at my house...we spend weeks getting ready...we have condemned across the house and a graveyard in the front garden.this year we are having a 'dead pirate' costume party for family and friends. my daughter is due to give birth in 2 weeks and her worst nightmare is having the baby on halloween and us turning up in fancy dress at the hospital as i will be her birthing partner!!!

  4. Hi Chris! At least your pictures will be memorable if you have to go to the hospital in your pirate costumes. How have those scissors been working out for you?

    Hi Nicole! Sorry I have not responded until now. It's not easy keeping up with family, my shop, making stuff and this blog. I think your day of Halloween sounds totally fun. I bet your kids look forward to it every year. I actually took my 14 year old to the pumpkin patch this weekend while my other one was at a birthday party. We rode the cow train and she even got to ride a pony. It was sooooo cute.

  5. Hey everybody!!!!!! Halloween is only four days away. Tell us what your plans are!!

  6. Oh my goodness! i would love these halloween bags. halloween is my 18th wedding anniversary and usually we do stuff with the kids. the teenagers (17yo & 14yo boys) will not dress up this year but might crash my friends' daughters sweet sixteen/halloween party. but we'll see.
    my 4yo daughter has two options for her costume (she keeps changing her mind) princess superhero or a cute witch. we will take her to lakeshore learning store to do a free halloween craft and then to the mall for trick or treating. she has a cold that started this week so we won't go trick or treating in the neighborhood. she will help hand out candy. not quite sure if we are going out to eat or bring something home to celebrate our anniversary. i will probably bake a nightmare before christmas "jack" cake.
    happy halloween!

  7. Nicole/TeamPipkin, You are the winner! Lucky you! You also won the September drawing and I never got your bag choices for that. So you actually get six bags. You can convo me with your choices and address in my store. Congrats to you!

  8. SWEET! i'll head over to your store right now:-) you should have my address since i'm also a customer of yours:-)