Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Red is a great color for September I think. When I think of "red" in September, I think of apples, leaves and flowers. Of course there are many things in our great world that have this bold color. Let's build our own treasury of our favorite "red" things we find on Etsy. There will be a drawing on September 31st for this red pendant for anyone who participates. I will post my great find as soon as I get a chance to look.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Every blog seems to have a theme. This blog is about sharing and caring. I personally, would like to put my English degree to good use so we will tell lots's of stories here on KB Exquisites. This month's topic: DARN THAT KID!

Do I have a story to tell you! The other day, my youngest daughter, Ember knocked over her fish tank. It fell to the floor with a SPLASH!! In the wink of an eye, the whole contents of the tank, including Floyd the fish was soaking into the carpet. My husband had to vacuum up the water, rocks and algae. He had to tear up the carpet to get air on it. For the next three days we had a fan blowing on it so it could get completely dry before we laid the carpet back down. What a mess! Don't worry, Floyd survived....and one good thing came of it. Ember had to gut out her room and give it a good cleaning. Yes...it was a DARN THAT KID moment where we had to tell ourselves..."We love our child, we love our child."

Now it is your turn. Tell us a story of something your kids did that tested your patience. Anyone who contributes will be eligible for this month's giveaway. A drawing will be held on August 30th for a set of three snack bags like these. The lucky winner will get to choose from my store.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hello! Welcome to my Blog! I am sooooooooooooooooo new at this so bear with me as I begin to educate myself on creating and building this blog. I think it will be fun. For now, I will stew over ideas for postings. More to come soon. I promise!