Tuesday, September 1, 2009


September usually starts out busy for us moms who are sending off their children to school. I won't leave out us wives who send our husband's off to work with a full lunch box. I spoil my family this way every morning by taking the time to do this for them. It is my way of making them feel special even though they are perfectly capable of doing this themselves. (Oh....I make sure I get my rewards too...like my husband has to get me gas in my car when it is empty and he has to make my cup of coffee for me every morning. My daughter's will walk to the store down the street and get me a slurpee when I have a craving. ) Anyways, I am getting to the topic for this posting.

How do you tell your family you love them? Do you leave cards or special notes in their lunch boxes? For years, I have been taking one bite out of their sandwich. I call them love bites. I don't do them all the time, otherwise they wouldn't be special. My daughter just reminded me this morning that she hasn't gotten a love bite in her sandwich for a long time, which gave me the idea for this topic. So....tell us what you do to make your family feel special. Pass on your unique ideas so that we can use them too! Any one who participates will qualify for the drawing at the end of the month. The prize? A snack bag/sandwich bag set like the one shown above. The drawing will be held on September 30th!