Monday, December 7, 2009


We fell asleep in the van again on our way back. Victor brought us to his home for dinner. He built his own home from the ground up. It was constructed very well. I was impressed. It was the first house I walked into that didn't have a bad smell either. There were two bedrooms on the top floor. He had a kitchen, den, livingroom, and one bathroom. They also had a very plush garden taking up the whole area of their backyard.

The meal they prepared was YUMMY! My palette had finally been served justice. His wife made rice with pork. The sauce was something I had never tasted before. There is a vegetable called marrow. They grow it in their garden. That day, she had been pickling some vegetables, including the marrow. She threw the leftovers in the sauce. She also made a cucumber, tomato, parsley salad. The vegies were so vibrant in color. Of course, everything came from their garden. Their harvest had certainly been bountiful. Everything was absolutely delicious, right down from the bread with cheese with butter to the marzipan cookies as well.

We rolled ourselves into the livingroom after dinner to visit with Victor and his family. He had a teenage daughter and son. Victor asked me to sing for their congregation in church. I told him I had been considering it since the first time they asked me but I would let the pastors know prior to service that morning if I would sing. It would be my first solo singing a capella. (no music accompaniment). I was trying to remember the words to a song we had sang in choir the year before that would have been perfect. I kept running the words in my head and there were a couple verses I just couldn't remember. I had been writing them down in the van as they came to me on the way home from the village. It had come down to one sentence that I needed....I just couldn't remember. That night, sitting on Victor's couch, I said a little prayer to God. "God, please help me remeber the words to this song. If I don't remember, I know it is not your will to sing. If you give me the words, I know that it is." Two hours later, we were back in the van, being driven back to Posha's apartment. The words just slammed into my head. I got so excited! I screamed out at everyone and nearly gave them a heart attack. God wanted me to sing!

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